Thursday, October 2, 2008

Holly Tagged Me

Yup pretty much the only reason that I'm post on my much neglected blog is cuz I got tagged, by Holly.

So Now I have to share weird facts about me and tag others.... here goes...

1) I spend an insane amount of time knitting, that's why I don't post here, I'm too busy knitting.

2) I can make my tongue fold into 3 sections.

3) It drives me nuts when people don't open bags of food all the way (like chips and cereal).

4) I read VERY slow, like middle school student speed, I'm dyslexic, but I do comprehend what I read (that's the important part)

5) I can rarely nap and not cuz I have 3 kids, but I rarely am able to go to sleep in the day time.

6) I'm allergic to peaches... yes peaches, I have yet to meet anyone else that is.

7) I don't like the smell of dryer sheet and I'm allergic to fabric softener... I broke out in hives with it when I was pregnant with Tori.. don't really want to test if I will again.

OK so who I will tag...








WOW finding linking 7 people took a while... but there I'm done!

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amothersheartinwords said...

Hi Sweet Dawn, oh how I miss you guys!! I JUST got on the computer here @ Dad's today - 7 days w/out ya'll - I'm having withdrawals! I am clueless about tagging, but it's really really cute - you'll have to walk me thru it. And I too can fold my tongue into three sections and the bags not being open all the way drive me nuts TOO!! xoxox