Friday, November 30, 2007

Adventures in Sock knitting... The Bear Store

Why the bear store you may be wondering... well When I was a kid and we were going to Ma and Pa's house (my grandparents) there was the store with a bear on top of it and we all knew that it was the halfway point. Meant we were halfway there. So yes I'm half way there, well actually a little more than halfway...

I finished the first sock and have started the second. Yes I have now knitted a heel cuff, turned the heel, picked up and knitted, worked the gusset, the rest of the foot and did the toe and the Kitchener stitch. The gusset, picking up and knitting, and the Kitchener stitch were all new to me so it was great learning how to do that. I used a lot for that.

The toe is off... I didn't line up the stitches right and so the decreases are in the wrong place. But it will work. Learned from it! And so now I know to look more forward in the pattern.

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